Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stamp Convention Weekend!!!

Who doesn't love a stamp convention?????!!!! Well the Stamp scrap art Tour made a stop in Buffalo this weekend. I saved all my pennies and dimes, and off I went! The fun started on Friday night with the make-and-take dessert party....yes stamping and dessert...fantastic combo! My mom and I both went and had a blast. There was 8 different stations/projects to do throughout the night plus...DESSERT!!!!! The people that ran it did an amazing job. Everyone got a chance to do each project, as they had us rotate tables all at once. You stayed with the same "table" of people the whole night, and rotated every so many minutes. After the first 4 rotations we were treated to a LOOOOONG table of yummies. Everyone had a plateful for sure. There were about 50 women there participating in the event. I wanted to share some photos of the make-and-takes we did. They were put on by the different vendors from the show. I took a photo of all 8 projects together, and them some close-ups. I put business cards with the projects if I had them, so I could give credit for the design and the stamps.

These two I didn't have cards for, but the bloomer one was from Stamps N' More, and the snowman card from Art Gone Wild.

The little card with the pink squares are from Luni Stamps, and the ADORABLE little notebook is from Inky Antics.
This is actually an album. You can put photos of you pet on the empty spaces...I just didn't get that far yet. =)
Saturday morning, bright and early, I was off for a day of shopping at the show. Well...needless to say I spent all the pennies and dimes I collected...haha, and saw lots more I really wanted. There was make-and-takes at most of the booths during the show, but since I had 2 of my girls with me, I wasn't able to spend the time waiting for a turn. Two year olds don't like waiting! I was able to do one project while my mom sat with the girls for their snack, but that was it. It was still a great time. Check out their website, as they still have a couple more tour stops this fall, to see if they are coming to your area. They pretty much make the same stops each year too, so maybe you just missed it and will be able to catch it next year. Of course I HIGHLY recommend doing the Friday Make-and-Take Dessert Party too if they come to your area. Thanks so much for stopping I must prepare for my next Angel Company Party on Tuesday!

Here are the links for the companies above:
(Just for Fun I was unable to find the link)

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