Friday, May 7, 2010

Chocolate covered....

On Sunday my girls will be celebrating Mother's day with a tea party for their grandmas and aunts. For dessert the want to serve chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels. I have to share these pictures with you because I am blown away with how well they turned out.
I had a Dove Chocolate Party at my house back in February. One of the things they sell is these cocoa butter transfer sheets. So I got some thinking I could use them for end of year teacher gifts. Well I decided to add them to the strawberries. WOW...they were so easy to use and turned out super awesome. When I say girls helped me do this. They put the transfer sheets onto the strawberries. You dip into the chocolate, place the piece of transfer sheet onto the warm/freshly dipped chocolate and put in the fridge. Once it sets you simply pull the sheet off. That simple! I had to share because they just looked so professionally made, and I still get over the fact that I made these with my 7,5, &3 year On the pretzels I used raspberry flavored dusting powder...which is also from Dove Chocolate. So here is a close up of the strawberries. I also made chocolate covered spoons and added the transfer sheets. I am using these for part of the end of year teacher gifts. that you are all will stop. I sure hope these can all make it to Sunday for the Tea Party!

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Kristie Maynard said...

They do look really tasty! I especially think the spoons turned out really great. They are going to go great with the rest of the gift. The teachers will absolutely love them.