Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ribbon Organizing

As I mentioned yesterday, I bought this totally cool ribbon organizer at the Stamp Scrap Art Tour yesterday. I purchased it from the Inky Antics booth, and I know she has it in her online store HERE as well. I first saw this on the Inky Antics blog a while back, and thought it was pretty cool, but never did anything about it. So when I approached her booth yesterday I noticed it on the table, and she (Jackie) showed me how it works. Well this photo here will show you why I really felt I needed this Spool & Store System. And how about a side view...So I got to work with the little winder tool. My make my ribbon more accessible. While in the process of organizing all this craziness, I even found some ribbons I didn't even know I had in the bottom of this messy drawer! is a photo to show that I was making progress. I by the time I was done, I filled the entire bottom part of the recycling bin with cardboard ribbon spool...ha ha. But when you see the was soooo worth it. Only problem I ran into...I had more ribbon then I thought, and ran out of room in the storage boxes. So I guess I may need to buy a couple more of the storage bins. Oh, and did I mention the storage bins are also dispensers? How cool is that! is what the drawer looks like now after my evening of winding ribbon.

And a side view...

Big difference huh? The good news is I can now see what I have in there, and can start to maybe use some of it I can buy more ribbon! lol. And really...who knew that on the bottom of this drawer there was also some colored staples, and some post-it notes!

Well I am heading back to the couch to get some more rest. I finally gave in and went to the emergent care place today. Apparently the giant white blotches on my tonsils are NOT strep. That terrible giant Q-Tip test came back negative, but the doctor said the white blotches look terrible, and gave me antibiotics anyway. So hopefully this awfulness will all be gone by the time my baby nephew gets here on Wednesday. I haven't seen him since April. Well hopefully I will feel well enough to get to play with some of my new stuff from the convention too!


Laura said...

Jessica, I wonder if you have coxsackie virus. Your kids were just sick, right? My kids just had this, and Loren had high fever, vomiting, and sore throat with white patches on the back of his throat.,_foot_and_mouth_disease
It's been going around. My pediatrician said they've been inundated with cases this summer.

Kristie Maynard said...

What a great system for ribbons. When Kelsie was working at Clarie's she got me a few braclet boxes, they are round and snap shut and they are perfect to fit rolls of ribbon in. They do take up a bit of room though. Something like this is really great. HMmmmm, when someone says they don't know what to get me for Christmas this year, maybe this will be what they can give me.