Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kid's Father's Day Gifts

Good morning! I will probably regret posting this because my husband will see it before he gets it, but I am so excited about this project. Father's day gifts are always so hard to come up with. Really they don't "NEED" anything, and to come up with something that is manly isn't easy either. So I came across this craft in the current issue of Family Fun magazine. It is a really cute "pocket" journal/notepad for dads. HERE is the online directions for it. I made a few changes to fit with the supplies I had, but pretty much everything is the same as the directions. Here is a photo of our finished projects!

We had to make 3 of them, so I was able to have each girl make one. I pre-cut all the cardboard and paper pieces. The girls were able to decorate the front covers. I used die cut letters that I had to spell the names on the covers. After those were glued on, I let the girls go to town decorating the covers for the gift receiver. They did such a good job drawing pictures of things the person their book was for likes. I didn't have the rubber bands to hold the edges together like the directions say, so we just used ribbon. The directions also had them held together with a stick, and I didn't have those either. I am sure I could have just taken a walk to get them, but it was more fun using the ribbon...which was already in the house! Thanks for looking. They were so proud of their creations, and I am sure I will have some very happy Dads/Grandpas on Sunday! Who doesn't love a handmade gift.


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