Monday, November 22, 2010

My weekend projects

I spent 3 hours in my craft room the other day, and feel like I have nothing to show for I started working on a project/craft for my MOPS group to make. I thought it would be a lovely idea for our Christmas meeting to make chipboard mini albums. Problem is...when I volunteer myself for this stuff, I forget I have to mass produce Well I finally sat down and started on Saturday. Each album is only going to be 3 pages, BUT x's that by 20 and I am making 60 of these cardboard trees. I was hoping to use my Cricut and my deep cutting blade, but it just wasn't going well. I need to make my mat stickier again, or just buy a new So...I ended up hand cutting most of them. Then I used my Cricut to cut the PP's that we will be putting on them. I will admit, I was quickly bored out of my I kept switching between cutting cardboard, and using the Cricut to cut CS. Well here is my first day's worth of work. Not too bad right? I plan on heading downstairs today to get some more done. I guess I was all about starting and not finishing things this weekend. I also made these...These are for teacher gifts this year. Oh, and I wrapped ribbon around the containers these are going on too.

My last project was birthday invitations. We have 2 winter birthdays coming up. 1 in December, and 1 in January. Well, since I have been so productive .... HA HA HA HA HA ... I decided to make the ones for the January party. Because you know those ones don't have to be ready So these are supposed to be golf balls. My DD is going to have a mini-golf party. I cut the circle cards with my Cricut. Then I ran the front through the cuttlebug, but use the embossing folder "upside down". That way there would be indents and not bumps. They are very simple.

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Kristie Maynard said...

Looks like you got a lot done. Me? I wouldn't have been so nice about the books. I'd have cut the cardboard and given them pieces of paper to glue on and cut around the cardboard. But that would be too easy wouldn't it. Why do we always get ourselves into these projects. I'm tellin' ya, learn to sit on your hands!