Sunday, November 14, 2010

Skipping Stones

Ok another post for me today. LOL I spent most of my afternoon scrapbooking today. I am so determined to get caught up in this album. I am supposed to go to a crop in December, and I don't want to have to drag 6 months of photos with me. I would feel much better if I only took about 2 months with me. Anyway, I wanted to share this page with you because I love the way it turned out. I used a PP from Stampin' Up for my base, and all the photos are from a trip to a local park.So this "panoramic" view thingy is my new favorite technique. The key is to remember to take the right photo views when you take the pictures. I learned this technique back in May at the CKC convention. There is a company that actually sells papers to help line up your photos and everything. BUT, I didn't have those, so this is what I got. They aren't perfect, but I thought they still looked pretty cool. This one is actually 2 different photos. I made one the other day that was a combination of 3 photos. I just think it gives the coolest effect on a page when you do this. The "secret" is to make sure you take the photo combination you need from the same exact spot. When I took mine, I stood in one spot and just slightly turned my body to take the 2nd photo. DON'T move your feet!
Well, I just wanted to share this page with you, because I was pleased with the way it turned out. Now I must go make dinner, and maybe return to my craft cave to get some more scrapping done. I had to take a mental I am in the middle of a page that makes me sad, so I had to walk away and clear my mind. Thanks for stopping by!

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Kristie Maynard said...

Love that technique. Very nice page. Don't feel bad if you bring 6 months of photos with you, I usually have several years with me. LOL!