Friday, June 4, 2010

Class Teacher Gift

TGIF! I am glad it is the weekend. I love weekends in the summer time...we do a lot of camping on the weekends, and the whole family looks forward to it. Well, I am room mom for my oldest daughter's class at school. I try to put together a gift to the teacher from the whole class. As Christmas I collected a few dollars from each person and bought a gift certificate and a plant. Well for end of the year, I have decided to again get a gift certificate, but I wanted to get something extra special to help the teacher remember the kids. Since this year more then ever is special...being the last year our school is open. Sadly at the end of June, our school will be closing it's doors forever. I was going to have the kids in the class decorate a garden flag for her, but couldn't find the stuff I needed to do that, so I came up with this instead.

Isn't this cute!!!!!??? I used my Cricut and deep cutting blade to cut out the apples from chipboard. I then layered red CS over the apple, and green CS over the leaves. For the cover I used some sticker CS letters for "2nd Grade" and hand wrote the teacher's name. I added the date to the leaves/stem. Now...the hand print stickers have a sentimental value in this case. I know they look a little bit too much, but...every year the kids in the class paint their hand prints somewhere on the walls of the classroom. For 20+ years the teacher has been doing this, so I thought it would have a great sentimental meaning. For the inside pages, I will be starting with a class photo and adding some nice poem or something to go with that. Then on each page I will put a photo of one of the children and I have pre-cut lined paper for them to write why they like their teacher or why they like 2nd grade. Here is my daughter's page (I don't want to share any other ones since I don't parent's permission to do it.)I scribbled her name off for the photo...that is what that black is under the photo. Isn't this adorable! I will be going into the classroom, and having the children fill out their little journal boxes. I have asked each parent to send me in a wallet size photo too.

Well I certainly think this will be a great memory item for this amazing teacher. Now I just hope I can keep it a secret from her until the end of the Thanks for stopping by!

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