Friday, June 25, 2010

My Prize has Arrived! back in May I went to the CKC Convention here in Buffalo. I actually volunteered at it...which was a blast...and I highly recommend doing it if they come to your town. Well, I also had a chance to walk around the vendor fare and shop. So I put my name in a couple of the give-away I will ever win anyway...well I DID! I won something. I mean really what are the chances????!!!!! There had to have been over 1000-2000 people that were in and out over the weekend....and I WON! I won a $100 shopping spree from SEI Paper Company! So...this didn't take me more then one night to like 1/2 hour...only because I had to be sure I made the right choices. So it came Wednesday...that was super fast shipping too...highly recommend their online store. Ok...I wanted to show you all the goodies I got. The pictures aren't the greatest...I think my hands were shaking with But here they are. there it is. Now...TIME TO PLAY!


Kristie Maynard said...

WOW!!!!! SEI is one of my favorite companies. Lucky you, I bet it was hard to pick and even though you got $100 you probably could have ordered $1000 without a problem. They do have great stuff don't they! Have fun with all your goodies!

Joan Ervin said...

Oh my, Jessica...congrats on winning all that gorgeous paper!!!! You will be busy for a long time with all this loot!!!!