Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Stamp Room

I promise I did not fall off the planet. I realized I haven't blogged in over a week. I know I go in spurts sometimes, but this time it is for exciting reasons. My hubby said I could have the bigger room in the basement for my stamp room! So...he spent last weekend cleaning the room out, and started moving my stuff over. I am hoping to get everything finished this weekend. The new room is more the double the size of the old one. We decided to take the old room, and make that a craft room for our girls. Part of our resolution this in our family was to keep the living room and dining room constantly clean...this involved the girls little craft station being we are going to give them their own space to craft away! This also gets rid of some stuff on my counter and in my bedroom too. Cleaning is sooooo fun...well this time it is since I am benefiting so nicely. I will be back soon with some new stamp sets I got today too! Have a great weekend.

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Kristie said...

What a guy! And he even helped clean it out? Wow! Have fun getting it organized and all in place.