Monday, November 28, 2011

Legend of the Butterfly

Wow...what a weekend...that is all I got to say about that. Somehow I was able to get some crafting in, and created this cute little ornament using a couple stamps from Eureka Stamps. I just loved THIS butterfly stamp, but when I ordered it I didn't realize it was so large. Now if I had just read the size i would have been okay, but...yeah...I didn' This same image comes in two sizes though if you don't want one so So...I decided to pull out the old Shrink paper. I stamped the butterfly, and cut it out. I remembered to punch the hole for the ribbon before "baking" Here is the before...Oh, yeah...I also colored with colored pencils before baking. A little tip...if you are going to use shrink paper, it is a good idea to sand it a little before stamping and coloring. Next, I baked it...and come out with this...As you can see it is much smaller I added some ribbon to it so it can be used as an ornament or bookmark. Next, I attached it to the Legend of the Butterfly poem stamp. Here is a closer shot so you can see the poem a little more.

I just thought this was such a pretty poem, and would make a cute gift for someone special.

Well that is all ...thanks for stopping by!

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Kristie Maynard said...

Very nice! I need to think about doing some ornaments like this. Great idea. Did you know that you can shrink them with your heat gun too. They get all curled up, but then flatten out again. Takes no time at all.