Saturday, August 20, 2011


So I have been starting to go through my papers and get things in order for my scrapbooking weekend trip in Sept. Yes I know it is a month away, but I am just sooo excited, that I have to get started now. I went through and made a list of some of the papers I would like for my album, and then headed off to my LSS. There I picked up a whole bunch of fun stuff! When I was putting it away, I found my paper I bought to scrap the pictures of my youngest helping me make chocolate dipped Peeps at Easter time. I also picked up the stickers to match. Check this out... AHHHHHH PEEPS PAPER!!!!!! LOVE IT! This is made by Creative Imaginations, and they actually have a whole line of Peeps stuff. I will admit...I do enjoy my Peeps, but only when they are "stale" That is right...I buy them and either poke holes in the package, or open the package totally. Then the process begins. They must sit for a couple days in order to be just right for me...I don't like the Peeps fresh...they need to have a little crisp to them. Gross, I know, but hey we all have a quirks. Anyway...I layered my photos on the paper, and added some of the pink glittery Peeps bunny stickers. I used my Cricut to cut out the word PEEPS (in yellow because that is the color of the Peeps my DD is dipping in the pictures). Then I added some stickles to the letters, so they matched the sparkly stickers. A very simple page, but I just love it. Now I am craving Peeps...and yes I actually have some in the house! WHY???? Well about a month ago, my mom was in Washington DC, and guess what they have there????? A PEEPS STORE!!!!!!!!!!!! You know where I am going next time I am down there.

Have a great weekend!

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