Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More gifts...

Well I FINALLY finished the last 3 coaster sets. Actually I have had them done for awhile, just needed to spray them. The weather has not allowed for me to spray outside, but I did it anyway yesterday. I couldn't' put it off any longer. I just did it on the front porch, so they remained covered while drying. So here are the dance teacher coasters.

I used the TAC set "Twinkle Toes" for these. The "poem" is just a stamp I purchased @ my LSS, but I liked the saying and since it says dance it fit well with these. I used twinkling H2Os to color most of these, so they had a little sparkle to them.
Here is what I put on the bottom of each coaster. I mentioned it previously, but never took a photo of it. You can buy these things pre-cut @ Lowe's...they are pre-cut circles, but I purchased the bigger sheets and cut them myself to save a little money. This just adds some cushion, and table protection.
Finally here is how I decided to wrap them for gift giving. I was even able to recycle some ribbon while doing this. The cream colored ribbon is from the bouquets my girls carried back in September for a wedding they were in. Gotta love reusing things!

I am hoping to be back later with my 2nd attempt at an ornament. I posted the pretty one yesterday, but it is just too fragile for a 7 year old. So I ran around yesterday for ideas, and ended up leaving the stores empty handed, and using what I had at home. Here is a preview, and I will post the finished product as soon as the mod-podge dries.
Messy Fun!!!!


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Janette said...

awesome projects Jess! great job on them!