Monday, December 14, 2009

More gifts....BSS1214

Hello, and happy Monday. I am very tired little one is still sick. The poor thing got sick again last night. In our house that is a ticket to sleep in the living room, which also means mom sleeps in the living room. I must say better this week then next! Anyway...I decided to show you some of the other nugget boxes I made a couple weeks ago for my dad to sell at the craft show he was doing, but I sadly only sold one. The good news is I now have to them to use as gifts for some people I didn't get stuff for yet. I also thought these were perfect for the challenge on my LSS's blog this week. Which is to make a small gift. Here they are.

The papers are all from TAC except the sliver and blue trees which are SU. Hard to see from the photo, but the nuggets not in PP, have little stamped trees or snowflakes on them. I now have gifts for the 2 ladies at the gym childcare, the secretary @ the school, and the Principal...oh and the girl scout troop leader. Seems like making stuff is the best way to go for gifts for these types of people.

Well have a great day! Happy Holiday crafting.


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Sue said...

Jessica, these are so nice. It is a shame you didn't sell more, but these are ideal for those people you mentioned. You did a nice job putting them together, and hec, who doesn't love chocolate??

Hope your little one is feeling better and you can get some sleep. This is the worst time of the year to get sick, when there aren't enough hour in the day as it is.

Happy Holidays to you and your family. Thanks for commenting and sharing you work, it is appreciated. Sharon has had great response in the store to the Monday postings, so they will continue, despite the fact that no one comments.