Friday, July 30, 2010

Board Book Gift

We are going to a birthday party tonight for my friend's 1 year old. She said no gifts, but I really struggle with that So I decided to make something, at least I didn't BUY anything. Back in May I went to the CKC Convention here in Buffalo. One of the things I purchased with my volunteer money was a set of board books. They actually come in a nice box and there are 8 or 10 of them, and come complete with the PP to cover them too. Well since I decided to do this last night at like...9pm...I only had time to do 1 book. Not like they HAVE to be used as a So here is what I started with...The board books are 4" x 4", and have 7 double side pages (so 14 pages including the cover and back). They are very thick and sturdy too. I used some papers from the Target $1 spot I picked up the other day (instead of the papers that came with it, because they were kinda dark/fallish colors). I wanted to use cute girly colors for this project. So I cut the papers in 4 x 4 squares and attached with red line sticky tape. Here is a couple photos of the finished project.

On the cover I cut a heart with my Cricut, and wrote "All About Me". On each page, I cut either a 1"x2" rectangle or punched an oval from purple CS. For the first 1/2 of the book I wrote on the CS pieces things like; Me!, My Family, Mommy, Daddy, etc. The last couple pages I just attached the CS pieces and this will give her mom a chance to put whatever she wants there. I think it turned out pretty cute...especially since I did it on such a time The only other thing I would like to do to it is to reinforce the binding. It is pretty good, but I am just thinking little hands won't be as gentle as us adults on it. I actually sent my DH to the store to look for purple duct tape for me to reinforce the

Well, we have a busy weekend ahead of us now. We have this birthday party, the Summerfest/Lawn Fete event at our church, and our family picnic. So Hopefully I will also be able to squeeze some craft room time in there too, but no Have a great weekend!

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