Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Projects

Well, the other day I had a slight panic attack as I realized I have to get all the Easter stuff for school and dance done before Monday. Knowing we have a bit of a crazy weekend, since it is my baby's 3rd birthday, I needed to get to work. As I mentioned before, I am making 10 little baskets for my oldest Daughter's class. So...I finished assembling them yesterday, and filled them today. Here is how they turned out. Oh, and check HERE for the directions if you missed the previous post.

I filled them with a little Easter grass (which I absolutely HATE that stuff) and a Cadbury cream egg (because it isn't Easter without them!). I purchased 3 different sheets of PP from my LSS all in Eastery prints for these. The nice thing is they are 2-sided, so I got more variety of designs as a result.
Our next project today was to dip 50+ Peeps into chocolate and sprinkles. This is kinda my staple treat for dance class parties and school parties (with bigger classes). They are very simple, and don't take that much time to make. Here is my little helper and our finished product.
We made a little assembly line, and got to work...of course my little one felt she could help by eating the Peeps as we In the end, we got them all covered, and I will bag them each into little snack size Ziploc baggies.
Well that is all for now. I am working on a card right now, but had to take a break to get this done. Have a great day!


Kristie said...

The baskets turned out really cute. I tried one when you posted the instructions before and how easy!!!!! They are quick, and adorable! I love Peeps, but never thought of putting chocolate on them. How decadant is that???

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