Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My latest Endevour

I wanted to share with you what I have been working on the past few days. I picked up this card kit from the CKC Convention back in May. It is called "the ultimate scrapbook and card kit" from Lisa and Becky. The kit includes everything you need to make 20 different cards...well except the glue and staples. Well I decided now was a better time then never to whip these cards off. So I got to work, and after a few days (because you know life happens, I finally finished. you will only count 19 in this photo, but I had to use a set of the cards already. They were so easy to do, and turned out great! The kit comes with the complete instructions and all the pieces pre-cut for you. It is just taking the time to put it all together. Each card "set" makes at least 2, but a few make 3. I am going to use 1 or 2 of each card in a basket for my DDs' school fundraiser auction. I am hoping to put together a basket full of homemade cards and mini albums. I have until February, so I guess I have a small start. Here is a few close ups of the cards. Again, none of these are my designs, but I still wanted to share my finished products.

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