Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gimme Clips Fun!!!! - LOTS OF PHOTOS!

HI there! Today I have something different to share with you. I am sooo excited to have been selected to blog about Gimme Clips! The fun started with this box of goodies...Well, it was like Christmas in my house getting this box. My girls dove right in checking out all the headbands, clips, and ribbons. I wanted to share some photos of my girls showing off their Gimme Clips products. I gotta say...this stuff is super quality, and fun for ALL ages. I can see myself using these too. Not just the kids! is the first Gimme Clip Product we used. This is Gimme Braid Ribbons. The ribbons are nice and long, so good for any length hair. I love the look of ribbon braided into hair...and this makes it sooo easy and fun to do. This one is from the brand new line that is available beginning June 15th at Walgreens Nationwide. Here is some photos of our first time using these...We started with a ponytail. Next, we used one of the clips to hold the ribbon in place. There is a "loop" at the end of the ribbon to slide the clip through, and then slip into the hair like a bobby pin. Then I simply braided the hair, putting the ribbon with one of the sections of hair. Like I said...the ribbons are nice an I needed a "creative" way to use up the rest when we got to the end of the hair. So, I used it to wrap around the holder at the end. I used another clip to hold it in place. My DD went to dance class like this, and it held PERFECT. Super easy, and super cute!

Our next product was this one...This one comes with 2 pony holders, and 4 Bobbies. I started by brushing all the hair to one side. Then I braided it, and used the red flower pony to hold the braid. We wanted to add a little more "fun" to the style, so we also used THESE braid clip ins. This set comes with 4 little red clips, and 2 little black "twist-ins". These flowers really add a lot to the style.

Our last "model" today is sporting this giant black clip from the Gimme Couture collection. Now this isn't just for kids for sure. This whole line is made for style and elegance...and for girls of all ages. However, my DD decided this was the one she wanted to try first. Check this out...Isn't that flower just stunning???!!! I have a wedding to go to in July, and think this is what I want to use for my hair that day. The black just goes with anything, and is so elegant. There are a whole bunch of gorgeous clips in this line too.

So...what do you think? Love them? I know we do! Head on over to your nearest Walgreens store starting June 15th, and pick up some of these awesome Gimme Clips. The prices are very reasonable too.

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