Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Quick Gimme Clips Post

Hi there. I just returned home from my girls' dance recital. I wanted to share this photo with you of a hair style using some Gimme Clips. As I mentioned previously, I was chosen to receive a bunch of Gimme Clips and blog about them. I just love these things...they quality is great, and it makes doing hair simple and fun. Well, my middle DD was a Red Rose for her recital tonight, and needed to have a bun in her hair. They gave us piece of red ribbon with some silk roses on it to go with the costume, but I felt the look needed more. So, I decided to use these...

...clips to add some extra fun. There are 4 red clips and 2 black twists in in this set. I used 3 of the little red flowers. Here is what I did with them... You can see the red roses that came with the costume, but along the bottom of the bun is the little red clip in flowers. First of all...these little clips stayed in the ENTIRE time, and were still in when I got home. Pretty impressive if you ask me. With all the movement they do on stage, someones hair always goes crazy, but not my baby. I just love what the clips added to the costume roses.

Well that is all for now. If you like these or any of the other clips you see on the Gimme Clips website, head on over to your local Walgreen's. They just started selling these on the 15th of June!

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